Sustainable energy

Energy efficiency of the factory

The European tender "Energy efficiency of factories" is an initiative promoted by the European Union to encourage and support projects aimed at improving the energy efficiency of factories and industrial plants. The main objective of the tender is to reduce energy consumption, greenhouse gas emissions and energy costs within the manufacturing industry. Through this tender, Syfar has obtained the funding and technical support to implement energy efficiency measures in the within their own industrial facilities. The measures may concern the adoption of more efficient technologies, the optimization of production processes, the improvement of the thermal insulation of buildings, the installation of plants for the production of renewable energy and many other solutions aimed at reducing the environmental impact linked to the use of energy. The European tender for the energy efficiency of the factory represents an opportunity, for companies like us, to obtain funding and support for the implementation of projects aimed at energy improvement, while contributing at the same time to the reduction of environmental impact and the sustainability of industrial activities.